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Let´s pick´n place

During the manufacture of electronic components of any type, absolute precision at highest output are of utmost importance.


  • 100% oil free

  • precise

  • compact

  • low pulsation

  • quiet


These are the advantages of the innovative Becker vacuum pumps as are components in nearly all applications in the backend manufacture of semi conductors. Contrary to the still often used ejectors that are producing underpressure by means of air pressure, direct powered vacuum pumps produce distinctly faster Pick´n Place cycles. Also, the load due to expensive produced air pressure with oil content that escapes from the ejectors is eliminated. Furthermore, 80% of energy saving is possible.



As an alternative to vacuum pumps on each individual production machine, the central vacuum system offer advantages:


  • constant vacuum level at lowest consumption

  • avoidance of heat and noise pollution in the production area

  • central monitoring and maintenance with minimal effort

  • energy saving


Microchips (ICs)

From the point of chip-bonding, testing and sorting up to component insertion, Becker vacuum pumps are in use. Tuned to the individual clean-room classification, the small vacuum pumps enables the accurate handling of microchips.


Circuit boards

At light exposure the printing as well as drilling, milling and cutting of circuit boards, the frequency regulated side-channel vacuum pumps of the VARIAIR product range ensure a gentle handling of the sensitive units.


Packaging of electronic components

Whether packaging of electronic units directly or during the manufacture of tapes for the packing of micro-chips, the Becker vacuum pumps produce the necessary vacuum of up to 0.5 mbar abs.


Laser dust suction

The dust and gases generated during laser marking can be suction cleaned from the process area with Becker side channel vacuum pumps and the means of a Fine or HEPA- filter. During the use of electronically infinitely variable units (VARIAIR product group) also signals pertinent to the level of dirt in the filter can be monitored by the control system.


Drying of electronic components

After the cleaning or washing procedures, the Becker side-channel compressor blow-dries the units by means of air-knife and the Becker vacuum pumps ensure to vaporise the rest of humidity in a vacuum chamber.


CD/DVD/Blu-ray... manufacture

Oil-free working vacuum pumps from Becker produce the under-pressure required to fix the components during the production of sound and data carriers, as well as the processes at a later stage as during the printing for example.


About Us

Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker’s vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions

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