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Precision systems for pure water, clean air and good soil environment

In environmental technology, reliable performance is crucial. However, implementation of future-oriented concepts is even more important. In key applications, innovative Becker technology is being used to ensure a good future for the environment.



A Clear Relationship

Technology for Water Treatment and Aeration

In municipal and industrial water treatment facilities – also including large chemical water treatment plants – our side-channel compressors are used to maintain a "clear" relationship. These low-maintenance and long-life units function well under moist operating conditions. By blowing air that is completely oil-free, our products are highly efficient. We offer perfect environmentally oriented solutions to outfitters and other companies in the water treatment branch, environmental engineers as well as municipal and private water works.


In the field of water aeration, Becker has a range of economical and ecological concepts such as whirlpool aeration, bubble pads, and other attractive ideas for designers, outfitters and operators of private and public swimming pools.


We also specialise in compressor technology for aeration systems in small decentralized water treatment systems such as those used in low population density areas. After evaluating all of the inherent costs, a small water treatment system is often an affordable alternative to installing a sewer line.




Latest technology

Vacuum dewatering with innovative products

The advantages of vacuum drainage over conventional systems such as free-fall and low-pressure drains include improved safety and environmental standards, a larger degree of flexibility together with lower construction, operating and follow-up costs. These are the result of our special technology for rotary vane vacuum pumps.


Long-life precision

Constant volume flow for air analysis equipment

Clean air is our trade. Such as our analysers that are used to monitor dust levels in industrial plants and manufacturing lines. Or our range of local and remote computer analysis units that draw in air using vacuum pumps and generate reliable warnings when the air quality becomes poor. Highly reliable throughout a long operating life, these units maintain a constant volume flow even with increasing wear and tear. This is attributable to our oil-free pumps, of course. These compact pumps are also extremely quiet in operation – yet another environmentally friendly aspect of these units. Our innovative pump technology has made us a go-to partner for manufacturers of air analysis equipment as well as for the German Federal Environmental Ministry and Institute for Air and Water Pollution Control.


Rehabilitating soils

Technological advances in soil cleanup

Soil rehabilitation and clean-up work requires powerful and robust equipment that can handle the high levels of moisture and dirt in open environments. Dry running – oil-free, that is – units such as ours are able to operate continuously at a high level of precision even under extreme conditions. Manufacturers and operators of soil cleanup systems and Institutes for Air and Water Pollution Control are confident that they can fully rely on our products with their easy cleaning and maintenance features.


About Us

Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker’s vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions

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