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Pace setters of innovative laser technology

Becker radial and side channel blowers

For more than two decades, the Becker special construction department has been making its mark in the area of laser technology. It provides decisive know-how and innovative components for the development of new systems in laser material processing. Proof of the profitability and quality of the Becker laser gas circulation fans. Becker engineers optimize detail by detail with a continuous series of tests and close cooperation with well-known research institutes. This competence is an expression of the perfection Becker strives for. With computer-optimized flow control, Becker now presents laser manufacturers and users with even faster, tailor-made solutions according to defined performance parameters – CFD (Computational Fluid

Dynamics) – as a decisive connection between CAD development and CNC manufacturing. With the completely new application of numerical flow computation, this allows fine optimization of ground-breaking constructions.


More profitability, just in case


Becker recirculating fans for CO2 lasers

The units of the Becker RV 2 and POWERFLOW series are ideally suited for use as recirculating fans for middle and high-power CO2 lasers. They create volume streams of between 1000 and 6000 m³/h and pressure ratios of 1.4 to 2.0*. Due to their high level of sealing and purity, they are also used as suction fans or recirculating fans for noble gases such as Helium, or for the conveyance of inert gases. Non-contact impellers and high-performance lubricants guarantee a long operational life and low service costs. The true strengths of the Becker program, such as modular design, special designs, extensive accessories, and optimally structured cost-benefit relations provide for profitability. Specific applications can thus be successfully fulfilled in all respects.

* pressure information refers to a gas mixture of 75% helium, 20% nitrogen, and 5% carbon dioxide. Please request special information for other gas mixtures.

Practical variety is our strength

Becker laser technology for your high-tech quality requirements

Becker has a broad spectrum of practical applications for innovative laser technology – relevant for laser manufacturers as well as manufacturers of tooling machines. With logical advantages for practical applications – in laser cutting and welding facilities, for example – which effectively optimize the daily production work of the manufacturing manager or employee directly at the facility.


  • oil-free vacuum pumps for the handling of laser cutting and welding facilities with the highest level of process safety – with a high degree of automation in production and fast processing times

  • side channel vacuum pumps with high pressure differential for effective fume and ash suction for laser welding processes

  • low-maintenance, oil-lubricated vacuum pumps U 4.20 – U 4.40 for CO2 lasers, which quickly and safely reach the required final vacuum ≤1 mbar abs. for the evacuation of the beam source

We would be happy to fully advise you with detailed information for your individual application.


Quality development in its purest form

From Becker research to production

At Becker, not only research and development have a secure place for creating perfect results. In the production process, excellent quality is a hallmark of the Becker radial compressors. Final assembly takes place under clean room conditions. Before this, all of the compressor parts are subjected to a multi-stage cleaning process. In the acceptance test, the performance data and running smoothness of the compressor are checked and an integral helium leak test is carried out.


Comprehensive service is our distinguishing characteristic

Becker know-how for customer service

In your laser development, you can count on us. You send us a brief task description - we will send you the performance data of the suitable compressor type.

About Us

Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker’s vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions

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