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Benchmarks for the woodworking industry

For already four decades Becker supplies vacuum pumps to the woodworking industry. Today Becker is the number one when it comes to the use of vacuum pumps for clamping, conveying or coating of work pieces.






Dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps for machining centers

Safety is especially important for clamping of wooden work pieces. With this is mind, the robust and low-maintenance rotary vane vacuum pumps are doing a great job and are very versatile. Above all, short processing times and precise results are a sure sign of safe and gentle clamping of wooden sheets.



Side channel vacuum pumps for handling equipment

Whether conveying wooden sheets to or away from each machine or fully automated material store: The handling of wooden

work pieces via our side channel vacuum pumps guarantees quick transport and gentle treatment of the high-quality and delicate material.



Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps for coating machines

The coating of wooden worksheets requires a top quality process. A good production result in the coating chamber is achieved by reaching a high ultimate vacuum quickly, even at the shortest cycle times. As a consequence air inclusions are avoided. Our oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps can be integrated into the coating machines easily and with long maintenance intervals they guarantee a smooth production flow.


VARIAIR technology in the woodworking industry

Safe and reliable clamping of work pieces is the main requirement for precise handling. To achieve best possible holding powers the exact relation of clamping surface and vacuum as well as leakage is crucial. At any time, products of the VARIAIR range are only producing as much vacuum as is actually needed at each point in time, and therefore energy costs are kept to a minimum. Costly accessories and dust sensitive vacuum relief valves are not necessary. The pumps are protected fully electronically and the power range is improved significantly. Due to integrated frequency inverters also the connection to the control unit of the processing machine becomes possible, and the vacuum pumps can be operated easily directly via the control panel of the machine.


About Us

Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker’s vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions


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